Part-3: Pavai.Workspace (productivity focus AI workspace)

Minyang Chen
5 min readMar 6, 2024
Pavai Research is working towards finding innovative ways to apply AI technology in practical settings.

You may have heard that creating an organized workspace can help minimize distractions and improve focus on the task at hand. In this article, I would like to share my experience on how I utilize a well-crafted workspace to boost productivity, reduce distractions, and navigate challenging situations. I will focus on discussing three core areas: Task Workspace Layout, Seamless Communication, and Data Integration.

What is this about?

Let’s use an example to illustrate why a seamless workplace is useful tool on this situation.


Imagine you begin by tackling a research task on a particular topic and generating a report prior to a meeting. You open a web browser to commence searching for news, articles, and reference materials. As you navigate through multiple pages of search results, you jot down key points or specific notes regarding your research findings using a note-taking app.

Suddenly, you receive a support phone call from someone speaking a language that you don’t fully comprehend, making it difficult to grasp the conversation’s context. In response, you launch a translation tool to help you make sense of what they are saying. Once you understand the context, you attempt to reply, only to discover that you require a communication tool equipped with voice translation capabilities.

Later that day, you are invited to attend an essential meeting; however, the presenter speaks in a foreign language. There are lengthy pauses between each segment as a handwritten translation appears on screen. Following the meeting, you are assigned tasks based on the discussions held during the gathering. To complete these tasks effectively, you must obtain comprehensive details from the translated meeting notes.


Within the Seamless Workspace, I initiate a new search task for a web search agent to conduct detailed searches across various websites related to the topic and compile a comprehensive report. Simultaneously, I utilize the “scratchpad” feature to take brief notes. For efficient processing, I upload a sizable document into a text summarizer to produce a user-friendly condensed format.

When addressing a support call involving a non-English speaker, I access the “seamless communication” tab, activate the real-time speech-to-speech translation function, enabling me to comprehend the context simultaneously. Subsequently, I press the recording button, articulate my message in my preferred language, and request the system to translate it into the desired language via audio output. Finally, I transmit the generated audio to the recipient, allowing them to understand my query effortlessly — all within the confines of the unified workspace. Indeed, quite impressive!

At this point, I think having a seamless workspace with right communication and AI tools at reach can help the example situation and result in increased productivity.

Here’s how a Seamless workspace looks like.

Seamless Workspace with data rich conversation
Real-time speech-to-speech translator

Productivity Focus Workspace Layout

Keeping tools and data easy to reach in a single workspace minimizes the need to hopping multiple applications back and forth and doing cut and paste of data between applications.

Seamless Communication

I think this is a must have tool in every office setting because we always encounter a situation when speaking with someone in their own native language. So able to do real-time speech-to-speech translation without causing delays or misunderstanding on task or team collaboration.

Data Integration

LLM models have been trained with data with a cut off day — essentially, no up-to-date, to overcome these challenges we can ingest live web data into the discussion context, along with other related data and let LLM perform analysis for us. So integrating many forms of digital data into the discussion makes the point clear and improves critical thinking processes for issues on hand.

Concept and Design

To simplify and enhance our work environment using advanced AI technologies, we are focusing on a user-friendly UI and a set of AI models for external data sources. These elements will be seamlessly integrated into a single workspace solution, providing a personalized and adaptive experience for employees. This approach will improve productivity, well-being, and collaboration, while also fostering a dynamic and responsive environment that adapts to the evolving needs of the workforce..

See diagram below:

What are the key Features?

  1. Integrate multiple data source into a Chatbot conversation
  2. Long-term summarizer
  3. Research the web with reporting result
  4. Real-time speech-to-speech translation
  5. Customize chatbot assistant persona type and response style

Quick Start Guide

Follow steps below for an easy way to install and run locally.

Install Python 3.10+

Install Poetry for your system (

clone the repository

$ git clone

$ cd pavai-workspace

First time setup script — download models locally


Update configuration setting file (env.shared) if needed

Start the web application as Fastapi or gradio app





Explaining the necessity of having additional tools may be challenging until a problematic scenario arises, thereby highlighting their importance. It is often when facing difficulties that we recognize the value of being well-equipped with appropriate resources.

This realization underscores the significance of proactively preparing ourselves with a diverse set of tools tailored to address potential challenges efficiently

I hope you like this and find it useful! if Yes, give me a clap :-)

Github Repo:

Friendly reminder:

Please keep in mind this alpha release with limited testing in Linux and Nvidia GPU. If you have instructions on a tested setup on another system, please let me know, so I can update the instructions.

Welcome suggestion and help to make this a reality.

“May the AI force be with you”

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